In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the realization of the need for increased investment in schools and hospitals has become more apparent to people and governments worldwide. While the necessity of hospitals is easily understandable, as they are crucial for providing medical care and addressing health concerns, the growing emphasis on schools from governments deserves further exploration. Education has always been a cornerstone of governmental systems across the globe, as it plays a vital role in shaping the future of societies. However, the heightened focus on education in recent times is primarily driven by the need to produce more doctors to address the healthcare requirements of each country effectively.

One such country prioritizing education is Zanzibar, with the Zanzibar Ministry of Education taking proactive steps to ensure that every child, from kindergarten through grade 12, has access to quality education. Inspired by China’s approach, Zanzibar has embarked on a new project to construct additional schools within its borders, aiming to provide comprehensive educational opportunities for all.

By 2023, the construction of the school buildings had been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone for the project. Subsequently, the Ministry began the process of procuring school furniture by inviting suppliers to submit their proposals. It is at this juncture that EVERPRETTY became involved, and the story of our partnership unfolds.

Upon receiving the tender list from the government notice, our trusted local market wholesaler wasted no time in reaching out to us, providing us with all the relevant details. Recognizing the significance of the opportunity to contribute to the needs of the government, we promptly responded and requested further specifications for each room where furniture was required. The government had a stringent rule in place regarding the furniture: it had to be both safe and sturdy, withstanding the test of time without succumbing to breakage within a mere six months.

To reassure the government and the wholesaler about the quality and durability of our furniture, we organized an online meeting, during which we conducted various tests to showcase its strength and stability. The government officials were highly impressed by the demonstration, which instilled confidence in our ability to meet their requirements. This meeting also provided an invaluable opportunity for the government to gain a deeper understanding of our company and its commitment to delivering exceptional products. Additionally, during the meeting, the wholesaler emphasized the importance of adhering to a tight schedule, as they aimed to have all the students using the new furniture before the commencement of the new year in 2024.

Equipped with a better understanding of the government’s needs and demands, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive plan to fulfill their requirements. Taking into account the diverse age groups of students and the specified timeline, we carefully selected and assembled the necessary furniture, documenting every detail in a comprehensive QUOTATION file. Furthermore, we went the extra mile to create visual representations of how the furniture would look, enabling the government to visualize the learning environment for their students.

The delivery of our QUOTATION package left the government pleasantly surprised, as they had not previously encountered such a comprehensive and dedicated service provider. The wholesaler found it effortless to convey our offerings to the government, highlighting the value and commitment we bring to the project.

With the government’s approval, the contract was swiftly finalized, paving the way for the commencement of the production process. Throughout the production phase, we maintained open lines of communication with the wholesaler, providing them with daily updates on the progress. To further facilitate a seamless installation process, we recorded detailed installation videos for all the products in the order, ensuring that assembly could be easily accomplished based on the provided instructions.

If you are intrigued by our remarkable journey and would like to learn more about our process, or if you require exceptional furniture services for your own project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to share our expertise and assist you in creating an outstanding learning environment that meets your unique needs.