So nowadays, in Zimbabwe, we can see how the development has become very fast. We have more and more schools starting to use comfortable furniture and high-quality equipment to help students have a better study environment. Good school furniture will not only provide students with more comfort but also create a pleasant study atmosphere. But how do those schools find the right manufacturer when they are searching for a supplier? Here we have a great example: the Primary School project in Zimbabwe.

Initially, like everyone else, the simplest way to find the right supplier is to Google it, right? They found a lot of suppliers on the internet. Why did they choose to contact EVERPRETTY furniture? It’s because we promptly answered their questions right after they asked them. And even better, we anticipated their needs and provided them with the answers they were looking for. In the beginning, the school owner wanted to know which type of furniture would be suitable for their primary school students. We offered them two to three different options to choose from. At the same time, we also received a layout drawing from the owner to see what we could arrange for each room. Initially, they chose some height-adjustable types and some fixed types. We quickly provided the owner with rendered drawings and offered advice based on the layout drawing they sent.

During the discussion, the school owner was very open and honest with us. They also mentioned the budget they had in mind for each item because they wanted to save more money for building the school and hiring more great teachers.

Based on the information displayed on their website, we noticed that this school has a wide range of students in terms of age. They have K1-K6 students with varying heights. So we recommended the owner to choose the height-adjustable furniture to ensure a more uniform look throughout the school. They were thrilled to receive this advice.

After the payment was made, one thing became a concern: TIME IS RUNNING OUT. The opening day is getting closer and closer, and we have limited time to complete the production. So we provided the owner with an update on the progress time. The production progress is making the factory more and more efficient.

Thanks to the hard work from every team member, we finally managed to help the customer get the furniture installed and set up before the Opening Day!!! You can check the picture below to see the furniture we provided to them.