After the conclusion of the highly anticipated World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the Qatar Government made a strategic decision to enhance their education facilities within the country. Their primary objective was to expand the number of K1-K12 schools nationwide, with a target of approximately 2000 schools. Around six months later, they commenced the search for reliable suppliers of school furniture from around the world.

Initially, they focused their attention on two countries for sourcing school furniture: China and Turkey. However, the economic situation in Turkey proved unfavorable, leading them to abandon the idea of importing furniture from there. They discovered that some of Turkey’s factories were importing semi-finished products from China and assembling them in Turkey for sale in Europe, the Middle Asia, and the Middle East. This practice allowed them to keep costs low and profits high. Consequently, the Qatari Government swiftly established a procurement team and initiated contact with Chinese suppliers through various channels.

At the outset, it was not an easy task to identify suitable suppliers through the vast array of available sources. Nevertheless, thanks to the comprehensive nature of the internet, they quickly determined the key criteria for selecting a reputable supplier: 1. A large-scale manufacturing facility; 2. Capability for self-export; 3. A long-standing track record in the school furniture industry; 4. Ability to provide an all-in-one solution, from item selection to installation.

Based on these identified standards, they compiled a list of qualified suppliers, and fortunately, EVERPRETTY Furniture made the cut.

And so, the wheels of fate began to turn. Our paths finally crossed.

Initially, it was a simple letter inquiring about the pricing of our furniture for their school project. As always, we promptly responded and requested more details and specific requirements from them. They shared the layout drawings with us, and to their surprise, we provided a 3D design and a detailed quotation file with room specifications.

They were astonished by the speed at which we delivered tangible results for their review. As our discussions progressed, we invited them to participate in a Zoom meeting to further delve into the details of the project. During the meeting, we fine-tuned our proposed solution based on their feedback and ensured that timely delivery would be guaranteed.

Time flew by swiftly as our communication continued to progress rapidly. While discussing the project, we also informed them of our participation in the GESS2023 Exhibition in Qatar. We encouraged them to visit our booth at the exhibition to gain a comprehensive understanding of our offerings. True to our expectations, they visited our booth and thoroughly inspected all the details.

Impressed by the quality of our products, they happily proceeded to place an order with us. Below, you can find their feedback from their on-site visit.

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