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Replacing student furniture is a major investment decision for a school or educational institution. It involves not only financial expenses but also the students’ learning environment, the teacher’s effectiveness, and the school’s image. So, how do you obtain durable furniture? Selecting a high-quality school furniture company is a crucial step.
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What are the Characteristics of Durable Student Furniture?

Student furniture used every day needs to withstand the test of time. Knowing what characteristics of durable furniture better guide us in selecting furniture, here is a summary of our experience:

Material Quality

Best-quality furniture made of solid wood and steel lasts longer than plastic furniture. When properly treated, such furniture is resistant to insects and humidity. In everyday use, the high strength and stability allow it to withstand the weight of textbooks.

Anti-fouling Performance

Good anti-fouling performance extends your furniture’s life while reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance. Easy-to-clean table surfaces help make it easier to maintain a clean environment in the classroom when stains such as food scraps and ink fall onto the table.

Wear Resistance

Students frequently rub the surface of their desks and chairs during their daily activities, so wear resistance is also important in selecting the best quality furniture. You can check to see if the tabletop has a surface protection layer to ensure that it can withstand scratches from the pen without affecting the surface’s aesthetics.


Student desk and chair made of non-toxic materials with smooth edges protect students’ safety. Stable tables prevent toppling over during classroom games. Before buying the best quality furniture, you can shake the table to check its safety and prevent potential risks.

How to Maintain Student Furniture – Tips from EVEREPRETTY

Understanding how to maintain your furniture is as important as the factors you need to consider when purchasing furniture. Proper maintenance and storage will reduce the replacement frequency. School administrators may consider the following suggestions:


Regularly Organize Cleaning

Regularly organizing students to clean furniture with soft rags can prevent dust and stains from corroding the furniture over time. Wooden furniture should be wiped with a semi-wet rag, while steel frames should be wiped with neutral detergents to prevent damage to the protective surface layer.


Regularly Check Structural Integrity

This is a place that is often overlooked. Regularly inspect the connection parts between tables, chairs, and dormitory beds for looseness and wear of components. If there are problems, reinforce and replace them promptly to prevent further damage and prevent safety issues.


Reduce Friction

Although daily wear and tear is unavoidable, school administrators can take care to avoid direct dragging and pulling when moving the school desk and chair, which will minimize wear and tear on the legs of desks as well as vibration of desks that can cause parts to loosen.


Proper Storage

Proper storage of student desk and chair is also important when students are on vacation. Try to avoid sunlight and pay attention to avoid humidity. In addition, it is recommended not to stack furniture to avoid shortening its life with long-term pressure.

EVERPRETTY Furniture Provides After-sales Guarantee for Our Customers

Founded in 1994, EVERPRETTY Furniture has won the approval of over 51520 customers. Our student furniture has been exported to over 86 countries. Here are the reasons:

  • Globalized professional management system allows us to solve the problems of our customers all over the world
  • A 24/7 online communication team provides real-time answers to customer questions.
  • Full furniture services include project consulting, bidding, planning, and design, to sample, manufacturing, delivering and installation, and after-order service
  • 15-45 days of delivery time
  • More than 3-year warranty (Specific information refers to actual product services)

Case Study

Why EVERPRETTY Furniture is So Popular

Public School Project in Qatar

The Qatar government hoped to expand 2000 K1-K12 schools. EVERPRETTY Furniture stands out by providing them with a 3D design and a detailed quotation file with room specifications, offering them a one-stop furniture service from selection to installation.

International School Project in India

An Indian international school found EVERPRETTY Furniture to customize student desk and chair. The incorporated color scheme ensures a seamless integration of furniture and the aesthetics of the school, which surprised them greatly. We also showcased the factory and showroom, which reflects our industry experience.

Zanzibar Ministry of Education Project

Zanzibar Ministry requires safe and sturdy furniture that can stand the test of time and won’t break in six months. To reassure the government, we tested our furniture’s quality and durability. We then communicated with them about the entire plan, and they were pleasantly surprised by this comprehensive and dedicated service.

Primary School Project in Zimbabwe

For this primary school, we advised the owner to choose height-adjustable furniture suitable for K1-K6 students of different heights while also ensuring the aesthetics of the school. Through our team members’ hard work, we delivered the furniture promptly within a limited time frame, ensuring that children learn with the best quality furniture.

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