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Security and coziness account for the major expectations of a student. A reliable educational institution should also meet the basic demands. And EVERPRETTY is always here to provide you with delightful solutions.

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Why Choose Customized Dorm Bunk Beds

Nowadays, many education institutions like to customize dorm bunk beds, considering the stricter quality control compared to the mono-merchanized production, high harmony with the overall vibe, and careful consideration of the whole project. Then what should you consider in customizing dorm bunk beds:


If time allows, you can go to the factory to check the samples, weighing in the durability, stability, and little details like the smoothness of bed boards.


Students in different grades have their requirements for bed size. The size of beds also impacts students’ sleeping quality, which will bring a series of ripple effects

Dorm Space Planning

Take the room size and the average area one can take into consideration, leaving space for the common area.


Students’ satisfaction is always the lowest bar to gauge the quality of student bunk beds. The colors, design, and facilities will always be the indicators.

Safety — Top of the Consideration List: EVEREPRETTY Noticing the Design

As the cases related to the shoddy customized bunk bed are growing, EVERPRETTY has been optimizing its design and quality control, committed to providing schools with reliable dorm furniture whose safety is beyond doubt. 


Height Design

The width and length of the fence, the size of the gap between the fence and the staircase, and other height-related issues are all under EVERPRETTY’s concern to minimize the plummeting possibility.


Slippery-Resistance Design

The staircase design and correct installation ensure the basic stability of the bunk beds. EVEREPRETTY also has strict control over the length and width of the staircases and has the surface coated for slippery resistance.


Material Selection

EVEPRETTY stick to the top-notch selection of materials, be it the plank sources, the stainless steel, or the coating materials, ensuring zero toxic materials concluded to damage students’ health.


More than the Basic

These are the factors that every certified bunk bed manufacturer should take into concern. However, EVERPRETTY can provide quality dorm bunk beds that can beat common expectations.

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What in the EVEPRETTY Dorm Bunk Beds Make them Outperform the Same Kind in the Market 

Till now, EVERPRETTY’s student furniture has been exported to over 60 countries and regions around the globe, winning considerable applause from our clients. The reason also lies in the following respects:

1. Easy assembled: to protect the dorm bunk beds from long-term delivery by seas, EVERPRETTY improves the assembly in the dorm bunk beds, which is to facilitate delivery and maintenance. 

2. Customization services: EVERPRETTY has provided student furniture with various adjustments based on the schools’ requirements. During the trajectory, we have been improving our customization services that will live up to your expectation

3. Wider availability: dorm is just one of the few scenarios. Our bunk beds can also be applied in bedrooms, commercial properties, and employee dormitories.


Get Customized Dorm Bunk Beds Knowing the Process


Customization Services

How to Secure my Specific-Required Dorm Bunk Beds

Contact us with all your requirements. Our customer services staffers will be here 24/7 to make clear your list of specifics. Then, we will offer all the documents you need for your bidding.

01 Consulting & Bidding

Send all the information about the size of the room and the layout. Our technicians will deliver some suggestions. Then the samples will be designed and sent to the customers for further calibration. 

02 Planning & Design

EXW, FOB, CIF & DDP by Sea, Air, Train, Truck & Express are all available. After the delivery, all the assemble guidance can be searched on our website.

03  Delivery & Installation

All of our student furniture have warranties. And our customer services staffers will always be here to answer your questions. You can also get in touch with us through various channels.

04 After-Sales Services


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