How time flies! Another year is passing by, and we find ourselves on the brink of a new year. As we stand at the beginning of this transition, we are thrilled to embark on our own 2023 EVERPRETTY annual gala, a celebration of our hard work throughout the year and a hopeful anticipation of an even brighter future.

At the outset, we kickstart the festivities by inviting everyone to sign up in the designated area, ensuring that each person receives their lucky ticket, a precious pass to be used during the gala. Simultaneously, we launch a captivating live show on Facebook, captivating the attention of a wide audience who eagerly tune in to witness the spectacle.

Our salesmen take the stage, ready to dazzle and entertain with an array of captivating performances. From mesmerizing magic shows to mesmerizing dances and enchanting singing, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to leave the audience spellbound. In a testament to our dedication, we have also invited exceptional bands from outside, featuring beautiful singers and talented guitar players. Together, they create an enchanting atmosphere and serenade the crowd with heartwarming love songs, eliciting cheers and applause from the captivated audience.

Adding an interactive twist to the evening, we introduce a game that invites select individuals from the audience to participate. The game involves a thrilling race to grab chairs, with the final person securing a seat emerging as the victorious winner. Amidst laughter and excitement, two fortunate individuals, one girl and one boy, emerge as the last contenders. The mischievous audience playfully suggests they should become a couple, a lighthearted jest that sparks curiosity about what destiny holds for them. While the outcome remains uncertain, the possibility of a beautiful connection lingers in the air, reminding us that miracles can happen when least expected.

In between each performance, anticipation builds as we conduct a lottery draw. With prizes aplenty, virtually everyone present at the gala becomes a lucky recipient, and the atmosphere fills with joy and exhilaration. As the night progresses, our collective enthusiasm reaches its zenith when we announce the ultimate winner of the lottery draw—an employee from our very own factory. The exultation is palpable as we witness the incredible fortune bestowed upon one of our own, sparking a sense of envy and admiration among the fellow employees.

For the grand finale, the entire audience unites in a heartfelt rendition of “Love and Family Together.” Voices intertwine, creating a harmonious chorus that reverberates through the venue. We gather closely, embracing one another, expressing gratitude for the shared journey of the past year, and holding hands with a shared determination to face the challenges and embrace the joys of the upcoming year together.

The achievements of Guangdong Everpretty Furniture Co., Ltd. are a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of each and every member of our team. As dream chasers, we pour our hearts and souls into our work, never losing sight of our initial intentions and always striving for excellence. With unwavering optimism, we join hands, forging ahead into the promising horizon of 2024, confident that together, we will continue to thrive and achieve greatness.