The University of Malawi (UNIMA) is a public university established in 1965 and composed of four constituent colleges located in Zomba, Blantyre, and Lilongwe. Of the four colleges, the largest is Chancellor College in Zomba. It is part of the Malawian government’s educational system. A few years ago, we EVERPRETTY offer a one-stop solution from design to delivery for their school furniture including student desk and chair set, step chair set, dormitory bunk bed with desk, library bookshelves, etc.

So maybe you are wondering how they know a campus furniture manufacturer from China which is miles away from where they are? To help you understand why we can in touch with them is because we have some mutual friends from the educational field in Malawi. We have offered several primary schools and middle schools in Malawi years before we were in touch with them. They are seeing some pretty and strong, elegant furniture in their friends, and they have heard our name in their friends’ chatting progress. So it is natural for them to think about us when they need to purchase some furniture for their school. So that is how they reach out to us.

Among the negotiation part, we have faced so many differences. But the hardest one is the design. They want our design to combine with their history and logo. That is very hard, why? Because you need to make those two things (art and history) combined very well just like a very harmonious symphony. In order to do that, we especially assembly a team including designers, architects, and sales representatives to help them achieve whatever they want. That is quite usual in EVERPRETTY furniture. Why is that? Because we like to offer complete one-stop Campus Furniture Solution service for our clients whether they are buying only one set or one container. Let’s continue, after we communicate many times and redesigned multi-hours, we finally make a design which is happy for everyone from school to us. And then, purchasing, manufacturing, delivering, all goes very smoothly. And they are so happy when they finally received what we made. They said and I quote: “ It is ever more beautiful than I imagined before.”

So that is how we help and achieve what they want in the University of Malawi. You can get what you want if you just contact us.