A preschool is often the first place where children learn the definition of “school”. Therefore, preschools around the world strive to create environments that children will enjoy. Today, we will discuss one such preschool: RMZEE CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL, a Christian preschool in Tanzania. The school aims to provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment for all its students with love and respect. To achieve this, they decided to update their furniture, as it can help create a nice and comfortable atmosphere.

So why did they choose us? It all started when they visited a school in their province where we had just completed a big school project from KG to K12. The school principal and the RMZEE CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL’s master are friends, and when the preschool staff saw the furniture from EVERPRETTY, they were impressed with how easily and comfortably it created a nice environment. They immediately asked the head of the school project for the contact information of the furniture supplier: EVERPRETTY. That’s how we got in touch with them.

At first, they only knew that they wanted good furniture from EVERPRETTY. However, as we discussed their needs, they discovered that we could customize the design based on their vision and promotion. They were thrilled to learn that we could customize the school rooms based on their needs. They immediately sent us more details and files about their school and other options they had received from other suppliers. They wanted us to combine the best aspects of the other designs and create a unique design just for them. EVERPRETTY always surprises our clients. We not only combined all the designs, ideas, and files they sent us, but we also created some new designs to ensure that everyone would be comfortable while using them.

After we presented our designs, they said they couldn’t wait to see the real furniture. To ensure that it was comfortable, they ordered some samples as a test. A few weeks later, they received the samples and gave us feedback: “We love it. Please provide the PI contact for the final order.” We did as they requested, and while we were negotiating the details of the contract, they asked if we had a shipping agency to help with delivery. As they had never imported anything from a foreign company before, we assured them that we could handle everything. We provided them with an all-in-one complete solution service, and we did not charge them a service fee because we are a 100% factory.

Finally, they received all the furniture they needed. With the end of the lockdown in China in the last month of 2022, more and more clients are coming back to China to check out our factory, as we have moved our factory in the last three years. The people from RMZEE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL also want to visit us, and we are always happy to welcome them. Is there anything else you would like me to help you with?