In 2021, we received great news from one of our clients that the Qatar Government would be hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. They were building a village for all the fans and visitors of the FIFA World Cup and needed furniture for the inside. Fortunately, we were able to provide hostel furniture for some hotels in the Middle East area, and this earned us some credit with them. Now, when they need hostel furniture, they think of us.

We have been dealing with the Qatar Government for years, and we know that they not only want something new but also want good quality since it is a global event. They don’t want to look bad in front of the whole world. At the beginning, they emphasized the importance of good quality, and we understood. We provided some furniture solution options for them, which they were initially not happy with.

They wanted us to design the whole room based on the layout they gave us. So we upgraded the whole solution, including the drawing, within one day of receiving the layout. Our designer team quickly updated the whole design and room based on the kind of room design they liked in the Middle East area, and this time they were very happy with what we showed them. We took into account the Qatari culture and traditions and incorporated them into the design. We also made sure that the furniture was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable.

After confirming the furniture and décor for the inside, they started to consider the shipping issue since COVID was still severe at that time. They were concerned about delays and disruptions in the supply chain. To help them follow the construction plan, we helped them put together a shipping timetable to make sure they not only caught the shipping day but also knew every detail of the shipping way. We also provided them with updates on the shipping status and progress on a regular basis, so they were always in the loop.

They were very pleased with what we had provided them. After a few rounds of communication and an online visit to our factory, they gave us the order. We were thrilled to be a part of this project and to contribute to this global event.

We produced all the furniture within one month and then ordered the shipping based on the shipping plan we had set with them. We made sure that the furniture was carefully packed and handled to avoid any damage during transportation. We also provided them with all the necessary documents and certificates required for customs clearance.

After they received all the furniture from us, they immediately set it up inside the hostel rooms. The furniture looked stunning, and it blended well with the overall interior design of the rooms. The guests were also impressed with the quality and comfort of the furniture. We were delighted to see that our efforts had paid off.

Below are some photos of the inside view for you to check. If you are interested in this hostel furniture solution case, you can contact us by searching for EVERPRETTY FURNITURE on Google or calling me at +86-13560367688. We would be happy to share more details about this project and our other projects. We are committed to delivering high-quality furniture solutions to our clients and building lasting relationships with them.