Maybe some of your viewers are wondering why we don’t mention any specific school name for Indonesia. That is because we made so many orders in Indonesia that even for me to last calculate which is which. When you walk into any international school in Indonesia, you always can see our furniture. Why? That is because our product range is various. We can make student desk with chair in fixing or adjustable functions, School cabinets, preparatory class furniture, Teacher table with chair & cabinet, Chemistry & Biology & Physical Laboratory Furniture, Library Bookshelf & Reading Table & Sofa to Kindergarten or G1 to G12 or University, Dormitory Bunk bed & study table & Wardrobe & Lockers, Dining Hall Table with Chair, Staff Table with chair & cabinet, Changing room furniture of Swimming or Sport stadium. With such large product lines, it is very difficult for you to pick up which furniture is not our product in here. We sincerely hope you will like our product.