written by Jerry, edited by Jerry

When many of our clients are purchasing school furniture, they often ask what kind of panels the manufacturer uses. In fact, there are so many kinds of materials on the market that you can’t actually count. And all those self-created panels’ names make everyone very confirmed. Today, We specially wrote this article to introduce those materials which are often used in school furniture. So that everyone can have their own judgment and distinguish the best choice when they purchase school furniture. The panel is composed of a base material and a surface treatment. We will introduce the base material for you today.

  1. Density board: also called “fiberboard”. The density board is using wood materials such as tree trunks, branches, and other plant fibers as raw materials, and it is made through heated to powder, sizing (urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives), dried, and spread by hot pressing and all sorts of produce progress. There are low-density boards with a density below 450kg/m³, medium-density boards 450-800kg/m³, and high-density boards above 800kg/m³.

  2. Solid wood particle board: It is made by fragments of certain specifications which is cutting wood and other wood fibers as raw materials. It is an artificial board that is made after drying, mixing with adhesive, hardener, waterproofing agent, and pressing under heat, pressure, and a certain temperature.

  3. Solid wood multi-layer board: It uses multi-layer plywood arranged in a crisscross pattern as the base material. And it is made by high temperature and high pressure after applying resin glue and hot pressing.

  4. Woodworking board: also known as “big core board” is made of two pieces of veneer glued together. The middle layer is wood strips of a certain specification which is made by high-quality natural wood boards. After heat treatment and processed progress. And then the splicing machine splices all the wood strips together. The spliced wooden boards are covered with two layers of high-quality veneers on both sides, and then all those layers must go through the cold presses and hot presses once again to make the woodworking board.

The above four kinds of boards are commonly used in school furniture. The common board thicknesses of these four kinds of boards currently on the market are mainly 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 18mm, 25mm, and 36mm. The board is usually 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, and the cabinet is usually over 18mm. The manufacturer will adopt the corresponding board and thickness according to the purpose of different school furniture. And our EVERPRETTY Furniture can be customized all the thicknesses for you, but we recommend the thickness of the board is 18-36mm because it will make the service life longer and not very easy to damage. We have various School Furniture for you to choose from. If you have any interest in any item we have, you can just contact us by email: ceciliazhang@epgz.com. If you have a tender project, you can also tell us, we can design the project for you and for you only.