written by Lily, edited by Jerry

According to the survey, 80% of children’s poor posture is caused by the spine before the age of 15 has not been completely shaped. This period is the spine development period of children, and this is also the golden period to shape children’s healthy sitting posture. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to choose a suitable study desk and chair for children.

Throughout the student era, desks and chairs are an indispensable partner for children’s learning and growth, and an indispensable educational tool for educating children and developing children’s good learning habits. With the improvement of living standards, children’s height and weight have also been significantly increased. Children’s growth should be highly valued. When children see poor sitting postures and learn incorrect postures, they should find ways to improve them.

The height of each child is different. The desk is too high, which will cause the eyes to close, and then the vision will decline. If the height of the table and chair is too low, it will constitute a bad sitting posture, and over time will cause the child’s spine to twist and deform or hunchback. The “high and low tables” and “low and high tables” phenomenon is particularly prominent in many schools. Therefore, if the child’s learning posture is not correct, we should consider replacing a child’s ergonomic desk and chair for the child.

EVERPRETTY Furniture desk and chair is a special desk and chair set for children to learn. It is designed according to ergonomics and can be adjusted up and down to adjust the sitting posture. So it is suitable for primary and secondary school students. The desktop is an important part, made of E1 grade MDF and melamine surface, PP edge banding, the desktop is waterproof and easy to clean, and the desktop also has a pen slot for students to place. The table legs are equipped with non-slip feet to prevent noise and avoid scratching the ground. The back panel of the chair is breathable, and it can be comfortable and not sultry for a long time.

EVERPRETTY Furniture Solution Group advocates the use of professional desks and chairs for learning. Good desks and chairs will create healthy and comfortable learning and growth environment for children.