Recently, Google for Education released their report regarding the Future of Education, which shows all the participants in the education industry the big picture about where the industry will go. The report is divided into 3 parts, each highlighting insight into the education trend in the future. 


So what changes does the education industry confront, and what does it suggest to related industries like the student furniture industry? Let’s take a look.

How the New Trend Changes the Requirements for Student Furniture

The requirements for our latest generations will go through a thorough change. Here extract some content from the report, which showcases the changes ahead.

  • What’s in the Report
    1. Educate problem-solver to prepare for the future

Currently, there remains a giant gap between what students have absorbed at school and what can they apply in the office. Therefore, skill-oriented can be the trend forward. 

    1. Teaching patterns changing to foster personality

Respecting and leaving room for students’ personalities to develop is what the modern education system calls for. But the teaching pattern is dead and stolid and seemed to be outdated. Seeing the conflict, many schools manage to search out.

    1. Reshape the education ecosystem

Starting from upgrading the learning environment to the student progress evaluation, reshaping the education ecosystem highlights the long-ignored factors that circle around teaching and learning. 

Let’s see how to start from the evolution in the learning environment.

  • The New Requirements for Student Furniture
    1. Encourage collaborative learning

The requirement attaches high importance to the movement. Physical movement is strongly related to student’s cognitive skills, studying attitudes, and behaviors. Therefore, the student furniture should be portable and easily knock down.

    1. Aesthetically appealing while practical 

As the place where most students stay for the longest time, the interior design of the whole school plays an important role in shaping students’ aesthetics. Take the student desk and chair set as an example, traditional student desks and chairs are yellow with wood’s annual ring on the surface, flat and dull, not a seasoning to the already boring students’ life. 

Therefore, some school furniture suppliers, like EVERPRETTY notices the trend, of designing and manufacturing many novel sets that are attractive on the outside while practical on the inside. 

    1. Supporting new teaching patterns

Schools are racking their brains to update teaching patterns that both can arouse students’ interests and deliver knowledge more efficiently. There is no doubt that technology is on its way to accelerating development — Blackboards with a screen embedded are a seemingly common facility in many regions. On the other hand, student furniture with more curves and rounds can trigger can create a light environment for knowledge sharing between teachers and students, classmates and classmates. 

Reliable Student Furniture for Recommendation

  1. EVERPRETTY “L” Shape Table for Multi-person Discussion

The funny table comes with a unique “shape”, which can be put together to form a larger table with a petal shape. It can be disassembled for easy restoration and shipment, which is one of the responses EVERPRETTY made to long-term delivery. Besides, it offers different colors to harmonize the learning environment and is made from top-notch materials for its durability.

  1. EVERPRETTY Library Multi-people Reading Table and Chairs

The library is the second main body of a school, shouldering all the quiet, entertaining, sometimes depressing work. What’s more, they enjoy a bright color, and the chairs are equipped with lockable castors, easy to move.

  1. Colorful Leisure Seating

How to grab students’ eyes? Well, a colorful sofa can come in different shapes to different sizes. The unique student furniture is extremely comfortable considering the soft molded foam inside. The leisure seating can be a great partner in public places or study rooms, helping students to study or enjoy their entertainment times in a relaxing vibe. 


Keep up with the trend, ladies and gentlemen! The revolution in the education industry is unavoidable and remarkable. And now, to get more trend-following student furniture, go and contact EVERPRETTY, who as a professional school furniture supplier, has exported their student furniture of all kinds worldwide and won applause from the market.