Bunk beds are an excellent option for dorms. They are compact, functional, space-saving, and ideal for sleepovers. Not to mention they last for years with proper care. Bunk beds come in many material options. The two most popular options include steel bunk beds and wood bunk beds. Both have their pros and cons. Read on to learn about them.

Pros and Cons of Steel Bunk Beds and Wood Bunk Beds

The quality of a bunk bed is dictated by the material it is made from. Both steel and wood are popular options. Their pros and cons are evident in the following key aspects:

      • Stability

Generally, wood bunk beds are considered more stable because of their increased weight, which in turn determines their difficulties in moving, which is a backside for a dormitory needed to be cleaned and sterilized constantly. 

On the other hand, steel bunk beds can boast great stability while maintaining portability. But remember to choose a reliable school furniture manufacturer who can always offer strict quality control to ensure the life-mattered objects are reliable. 

      • Appearance

When it comes to appearance, well, different people, different views. Some schools with a long history prefer wood bunk beds to create an antique vibe. But the steel bunk bed can have different colors and patterns, which will meet different demands.

      • Versatility

This is by no means another medal for the metal bunk bed. First, they are easy to assemble, making a move and change a relatively easy task. Second, some metal bunk beds adopt storage places for students, saving space in the dorm. 

      • Durability

Wood bunk beds tend to become squeaky over time. Its durability also depends largely on the wood they are made of. Besides, it is not a good choice for the Southern places, which always hold high humidity, because they are mildews-and-bug-prone. On top of that, it takes time to maintain.

      • Affordability

In terms of affordability: A steel bunk bed is a winner as it is less expensive, while a wood bunk bed costs more simply because wood is not a cheap material.



Product Recommendations

Both steel bunk bed and wood bunk bed have their set of pros and cons. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preferences. That said, steel bunks are becoming more and more popular with time as they are ideal for modern interiors. EVERPRETTY offers certified, high-quality steel bunk beds at reasonable pricing. Two of their recommended products include the following:

EVERPRETTY Bunk Bed with Desk for Students

This is arguably the most versatile steel bunk bed available on the market. Designed for students, this metal loft bed with a desk has the following key characteristics:


      • Ergonomic design with epoxy powder-coated frame for style and sophistication
      • Enhanced storage space complete with ladder, shelves, and more
      • Various safety features for peace of mind and convenience
      • Customization available

EVERPRETTY Dorm Furniture Bunk Bed with Stairs

This double bunk bed with a cabinet is ideal for any dormitory. It is equipped with the following features:



      • Spacious 4-bed design with steady structure
      • Minimalistic, elegant appearance and finish
      • Built-in stairway and 4 functioning drawers for storage
      • Durable guardrails and other safety features to prevent falling
      • Customization available



Overall, steel bunk beds and wood bunk beds have attributes that make them a great choice. What you choose depends on your personal preferences. The most important thing is to buy from a reputed manufacturer. For steel bunk beds and other quality furniture, you can choose a professional student furniture manufacturer, like EVERPRETTY.


With 28 years of experience, EVERPRETTY follows strong philosophy of manufacturing furniture that combines aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Their products include classroom furniture, dormitory furniture, office furniture, library furniture, and more. Complete customization options are available for most of these products. Visit the company’s website to browse its full range of certified furniture.