wrote by Jocelyn, edited by Jerry

Nowadays, the usage of school furniture is more and more frequent, more and more new schools are built, and meanwhile, the school furniture is updated. It can be seen that the demand for quality is increasing. At the same time, more and more schools need student dormitory beds. While the quantity is large, how do we choose better quality student apartment beds? This is the question we need to consider. Below, let’s see how to choose a good quality student apartment bed that you need:

First of all, when we choose the student bunk bed, we should not only be beautiful but also pay attention to practicality and safety.

We can observe the following product. First, it is very simple and generous, and second is it safe. We use a snap-in connection method, which is different from the previous welding. This snap-in design will be stronger and stronger. The last is practicality. Our design is a bed on the top and a table on the bottom, which can meet the daily learning and storage needs of students.

Look at its details。

For example, whether the surface of the plate and iron is flat, whether the small accessories are fully equipped, and whether the thickness of the plate is moderate.

The choice of paint also needs to be paid more attention to. Why we say that is because we don’t want the painting can be very easy to break to hurt the student and the raw material itself from rapidly deceasing the using age. For every product we produced, the environmentally friendly paint is one of the most important parts we want to make in order to help children grow more healthy. For example, the UV spray painting process is very environmentally friendly, allowing children to live in a healthy and natural environment from an early age. For school apartment beds, the problem of paint is particularly important, so we must choose water-based paint. So when you buy, you should also consult the merchant on what paint is used.

After all that, we hope you will know more about how to choose a student bunk bed. If you still have any question about how to choose a student bunk bed for your own school or your own project, you can contact us.