Wrote by Jocelyn, edited by Jerry.

I believe everyone is familiar with auditorium chairs. This kind of chair is suitable for public use. It is not only fully functional but also comfortable to sit upon. There are many types of auditorium chairs on the market, so how do choose auditorium chairs? The next article will share these issues with you, hope I can help you.

How to choose an auditorium chair 1

When choosing an auditorium chair, we should pay attention to its design. From an ergonomic point of view, people’s sitting posture should be maintained at three 90 degrees, which means that the thigh and calf maintain a 90-degree angle, the upper body and thigh maintain a 90-degree angle, and the upper arm and forearm maintain a 90-degree angle.

How to choose an auditorium chair 2

When choosing an auditorium chair, the cushion should also be checked. Most auditorium chairs on the market now use sponge cushions. High-quality sponges are thicker and have a concave curve, which will give people a good sitting feeling.

How to choose an auditorium chair 3

People like to lean back when watching movies for a more comfortable experience. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the seat cushion, everyone also needs to pay attention to the comfort and safety of the chair’s backrest. Inferior seatbacks are prone to noise. This kind of chair not only has a short service life but also has potential safety hazards. As for the height of the backrest, the most prominent function on the market now is the ability to adjust the height of the backrest, which makes the chair flexible and capable of any work. It can be seen that a good desk, chair, and chair function are very important.

Cleaning and maintenance skills of auditorium chairs

In order to extend the life of the chair, everyone needs to clean and maintain the chair regularly. If you notice an unusual sound when you lean back on a chair in the auditorium, you can spray lubricant around the shaft contact or spring to eliminate the sound. The wheelchair rubs on the ground, it is easy to lose dander and dust. The dander on the chair wheels must be removed regularly, and sprays must be used to protect the chair wheels to ensure that they chair wheels slide more smoothly.

The above is about how to choose the auditorium chair and the related sharing of auditorium chair cleaning and maintenance tips for your reference!