wrote by Aileen, Edited by Jerry

A few years ago, the first time we heard about this school is one of their purchasing agents contacted us. They said their school is just begun to reflash all the decor and the furniture, and they saw what we offered to the public university in Indonesia before. They went to ask the purchasing agent in that school to know who provide the furniture for them. So that is the first time they know about EVERPRETTY Furniture. Soon, they sent their email to us. Wondering what we can help them to do. At first, they didn’t tell us they want to update the school furniture for their school. They just said one sentence: “I want some school furniture.” When we received the email, we answered them very quickly as if it is our nature to reply to our clients so fast. “Thank you so much for sending us your short inquiry, would you mean to tell us more about it, like how many and so on?” That was the first sentence we sent to them. Actually, they were a little bit amazing about how fast we replied to them the first time. After all, it was 5 o’clock in the morning Chinese time. Immediately, they started to share more details about what they needed in the school.

Firstly, they show us the quantity they want and start to introduce their school: SMA Nusantara. Or someone might say it is Aruna Nusantara Senior High School which is a boarding senior high school with high-rated discipline that is located in the town of Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The school gained a reputation for its strong emphasis on national values in addition to exceptional academic and leadership achievements. The school and its teaching method have been referred to as “the inspiration for the setting up of other top schools in Indonesia.” So based on what they shared with us, we know that this school is one of the very high-end high schools in Indonesia. They want some very comfortable and ergonomic furniture to make sure the students can be cozy and healthy while they were using the furniture. So we recommend a few options to them. When they saw our recommendation, they were so surprised because we also told them we can add their logo on the table or chair and some wonderful designs they have never seen before. After a few days’ discussion among themselves, they decided they want the popular furniture: SF-32F, but with some little adjustments. They want to add their own logo on the front of the table where has a little metal sheet to help students wouldn’t put their books so too front which is unconvinced for someone who wants to sit down. And they also want to make a little change for the holder part of the chair to let the student carry it more easily. To the above requirements, we all said yes to them because it is not a big deal for us as a manufacturer. So you can see that is a very great advantage if you are working with a manufacturer.

After all the lobe-term negotiation, we finally set down all the things. But at the final step, they get some new questions about our service for us. How am I gotta get all those furniture I ordered? What should I do if my furniture broke while shipping? For all those new questions, we said:” We can let our shipping agent help you manage all the shipping details, and we will also follow up to help you with the shipping details. Don’t worry about it, OK? As for the worry about the furniture breaking during the shipping way, we can send more few products to you to make sure you can change with it when there are some product parts are damaged. They were so happy about our answer and soon signed the contract and feedback to us.

After 15-20 days of shipping, they finally received what they ordered. They were so happy about it. After that, we occasionally will send some messages to each other for the festival and some daily happiness like a friend. Recently, we get feedback from them. They said our furniture is so great that they don’t break even after a few years.

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