” Quality is the Credit, Trust is teh basis” —— EVERPRETTY FURNITURE

In recent years, with the continuous accumulation of enterprise development experience, competition among furniture companies is not just about price wars. Everyone is looking for breakthroughs, digging and expanding the comprehensive strength of the brand, and entering into subdivisions from all levels. Therefore, we find that the competition in the furniture industry is also changing. With the improvement of the external environment and the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the enterprise itself, the furniture industry will usher in a higher level of development focusing on product quality, functional taste, and corporate brand.

More unique style

With the change in people’s life concepts and the improvement of living standards, the requirements for home life have become more and more tasteful. Different from the popular styles of furniture that have more prominent design sense in previous years, the emphasis on the functional style of furniture has become the mainstream of the furniture market this year. In addition to the inertia display of traditional panels, mahogany, and European furniture, functional furniture has occupied the mainstream display area of furniture products this year. For example, the MPE bed uses imported latex, emphasizing humanity and intelligence; children’s suites such as the Kingdom of Songbao aircraft, ocean, truck, the universe, sky, “learning backgammon” chairlifts, computer chairs, etc., not only focus on health and environmental protection but also emphasize space The possibility of expansion can be freely adjusted and used freely. These children’s furniture will become higher and larger as the children grow older … These novel functional furniture styles are highly concerned.

The fierce market competition, the numerous categories of the furniture industry, the increasing homogeneity of products, and the imperfect competition mechanism make it necessary for companies to focus more on R & D, marketing, and customer service. Driven by a group of industry leaders and related supporting integration, the furniture industry is gradually moving towards the era of quality, forming unique competitiveness and influence.

In the past years, in addition to style, furniture has also been very popular in terms of materials. Although many people know that the solid wood of children’s furniture is better than the plate type, they don’t know that the item of solid wood furniture alone cannot guarantee that the furniture for teenagers is natural and pollution-free. First of all, the selection of solid wood furniture must be as advanced as possible in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Secondly, the surface of solid wood furniture often needs to be painted to ensure its service life, so it is particularly important to apply the most environmentally friendly water-based varnish. At present, there are many second and third-line solid wood companies imitating first-line brand products. It’s not over. Furniture products made of natural materials, such as rattan and linen, and new materials made of plant waste such as banana leaves, are all symbols of the quality of furniture.

Overall more brand sense

Some people say that the core of product marketing is the brand, the brand, and finally the brand. What is a brand? A brand is a force, a brand is a trust, a brand is a value, and a brand is a concept. How to open the market for high-quality products has become the most concerned issue for many companies and businesses. More and more home building materials companies have begun to realize the importance of the brand building. Many companies have increased their brand and industry visibility by increasing their investment in brand building. They have not only gained development but have also led furniture and building materials to the brand era.

(Source: 365 Real Estate Furniture Network)