Generally speaking, the area of the library is very large, and many bookshelves need to be placed, so it can be said that there are no specific regulations for library bookshelves. Most of the bookshelves used in the library are double-sided bookshelves and single-sided bookshelves, of which the proportion of double-sided bookshelves is higher than that of single-sided bookshelves because books can be placed on both sides of double-sided bookshelves, and it is convenient to take books, which not only saves space but also increases the number of bookshelves.

According to market research, there are two main types of bookshelves in libraries: wood and metal. Wooden bookshelves pay attention to process requirements and are more beautiful. Antique ones appear thick and warm, echoing the reading atmosphere of the library, but they are relatively expensive; metal bookshelves for library have an excellent bearing capacity, which will be more durable and affordable.

EVERPRETTY Metal Bookshelf Features:

Fashionable and simple, atmospheric decoration, strong and durable. Even texture, topcoat finish, water and scratch resistance, easy to clean.

Large storage space design, more reasonable use; all items can be found—in the right location without wasting every inch of space.

It Has a strong load-bearing capacity, so it is not easy to deform. The reinforced design of laminates, stronger load-bearing, ad hoc moving holes for layer spacing, and the layer height can be freely selected according to the storage.

Due to high density, high compression, and tightness, it is not easy to scratch. The bookshelf is tightly designed, and the cross-shaped buckle structure is firm and reliable.

The installation process adopts a plug-in combination structure, which is more convenient and easy to install.

Why Choose EVERPRETTY Metal Bookshelf

Excellent quality, our metal bookshelves for library are strictly controlled from raw material purchase to production to ensure product quality. EVERPRETTY is a professional manufacturer of library bookshelves with affordable products. We have been a high-quality brand for many years, with rich production experience and worthy of customers’ trust; we do our best to provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service and convenient and durable products to buy.