As a result, many institutions include beds in the dorms where students may sleep while not in class. In this blog post, we’ll look at how these dormitory bunk beds may make your students feel more at home and content in the residences they call their own.


Various styles of dorm beds


  1. Bunk bed

The bunk bed’s sturdy frame can support over 500KG of weight. The EVERPRETTY Double Bunk Bed is the perfect place to start your sweet dreams. This bunk bed will be the ideal solution whether your objective is to provide extra space to your child’s or students’ room or just additional space for sleepovers and story time. Cold-rolled steel sheet strength, interlock system security and two guard rails are provided.

  1. One bed

The same framework we used for the bunk bed may be utilized to create a single bed. The single bed is often appropriate for a dorm for kids, a staff dorm, or a worker dorm. For that space, we created this one to make it simpler for folks to fall asleep. The main benefit of this single bed is how simple it is to assemble without using any screws. Additionally, while carrying more weight, its construction will be more stable and won’t collapse.


How to pick the right dormitory bed for your room


Consider the bed’s size before anything else. Most dorm beds are 60 or 72 inches long and 80 or 90 inches broad. For the bed to accommodate any furniture in your room, it must be within these limits.

Consider the kind of material the bed will be built of next. Wood and metal are the two primary materials utilized to make dorm beds. Wood is conventional and has a natural appearance and feel. Although metal beds can be less expensive, they cannot last as long as wood beds. Choose a wooden bed if you want to use them for a long time.




There are several reasons why buying dorm beds is worthwhile; they have grown in popularity over the past several years. They not only provide more than simply a place to sleep, but they may also be useful if your room is small. Last but not least, dorm beds are sometimes pretty inexpensive. So why not try EVERPRETTY, then?