Wrote by Lily, edited by Jerry

When choosing a desk and chair, the quality requirements are higher, such as water resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, environmental protection, product assurance, and so on. It is immersed in water and is not deformed, which is conducive to regular cleaning. It ensures that the desks and chairs used by students are clean and hygienic, and they are not easily damp when cleaning the classroom floor. Students use it safely without damaging their bodies and damaging their clothes.

In fact, in terms of function, it is also divided into two categories lifting desks and chairs and non-lifting desks and chairs. They are very different in structure and use.

Do not lift the desks and chairs: the part that does not lift or lower is the part of the desk and chair legs that sit down and cannot be adjusted. It is more suitable for high school and university schools, because their height development is relatively stable, and it is not necessary to frequently adjust the height of desks and chairs. With a lifting structure, the price of the same material is also cheaper.

Lifting desks and chairs: The advantages of lifting desks and chairs are very obvious. The structure is that the desks and legs are separate. The lifting and lowering, hand lifting, screw lifting, and other lifting methods are used to achieve the purpose of lifting. Used by students of different heights. The height of the desks and chairs can be adjusted according to the height of the students of different ages. Achieve more comfortable learning.