Wrote by Jerry, edited by Henry

With the continuous development of the market, people began to pay more attention to product quality and pursue a comfortable life. Therefore, high-end furniture products have gradually become market needs. Therefore, there are more and more customized furniture manufacturers derived from this. The school furniture market demand has begun to become the mainstream way of customizing high-end products. So do you know the difference between high-end school desks and chairs and ordinary traditional products?

1. The difference in appearance design

Many mid-to-high-end school desks and chairs are easy to see from the appearance that they are high-quality products, which are different from traditional desks and chairs. When many customers start purchasing, they start with the appearance and then look at the quality and price. It can be said that the design of mid-to-high-end desks and chairs is more personalized, and some of them are practical and small designs that are in line with fashion trends, and they are also liked by most students.

2. The difference in the manufacturing process

The manufacturing processes of high-end furniture manufacturers are relatively complicated. Take the most common desks and chairs as an example. The traditional manufacturing process is to use the raw materials of particleboard and round pipe iron frame, and then fix it with screws. There are also some materials whose surface finishes are not well-made, and the phenomenon of bulging paint removal has occurred before they are put into use. This makes the desks and chairs very unsightly, and also brings safety hazards to people in the process of using them.

3. The difference between practicality and decoration

Ordinary desks and chairs are difficult to achieve the coexistence of beauty and function, you can only choose one of the two. And high-end products? It is a work of art, but also a useful work of art. The overall style of the classroom is often because it becomes more suitable for students, and it also improves the overall learning atmosphere.

4. The difference in material selection

There are many manufacturing processes for middle and high-end desks, and the raw materials used in manufacturing also have quality requirements. Take the desks and chairs produced by EVERPRETTY, most of our desks and chairs panels are made of high-quality PP or ABS materials, solid wood, or high-density boards as the panel materials. These materials primarily satisfy the first characteristic It is safe and environmentally friendly, and these materials are also harmless to the human body.

Social and economic development has brought new development trends to the school furniture industry, and everyone is willing to enjoy better product quality and support services. Mid-to-high-end desk and chair manufacturers can not only guarantee product quality but also provide comprehensive and secure pre-sales customized services and after-sales services. Work hard to create a more comfortable learning space.