Wrote by Jerry, edited by Henry

As we all know, EVERPRETTY is not only a manufacturer of school furniture but an all-around manufacturer integrating product development, style, and scheme design, product production and sales, and pre-sales and after-sales services. If you want to find a professional design team to do the school configuration plan for you, EVERPRETTY is your best choice. As a manufacturer, compared with the third-party design team, what are the characteristics of the school furniture design plan issued by EVERPRETTY?

  1. The design scheme of school classroom furniture should echo the overall architectural structure of the classroom, and organically combine the two. Whether it is an ordinary teaching classroom or a multi-functional professional classroom, these are to make reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the benefits of space. Tailor the clothes to local conditions and reflect the sense of design of the entire school.

  2. The design of product style and function should fully consider the actual use of the classroom and the actual number of people in each classroom. Let each type of classroom can effectively exert its functional advantages.

  3. Both the overall configuration scheme design and the individual product style design should meet the needs of school management. Some classrooms mainly emphasize the function of communication and coordination, and some classrooms mainly emphasize the function of independent listening. The plan designed by EVERPRETTY will do its best to meet the convenience of school management as required.

  4. The highest level of a set of excellent furniture product designs is to create cultural value. In other words, it must be able to create individuality and create artistic value. This requires us to combine the cultural characteristics of the client’s school, the campus image we hope to show, and the requirements of the overall educational development direction in the future. The lowest standard is to implement the decoration intention and conform to the decoration style; the highest standard is to make up for the lack of decoration and continue to highlight the personality of the decoration style. Let school furniture and decoration projects complement each other. 5. Style design is the soul of the overall classroom furniture design of a high-end school, and it is also the most eye-catching part. Student desks and chairs have different styles of application under the same design. On the one hand, style design is related to graphic design, and more importantly, it depends on the use of style and color of high-end products. And this also needs to fully consider the individuality and unique requirements of the school. On the other hand, the style design of furniture products must meet the aesthetic requirements, pursue artistic value, and create unique cultural value for the school.

In the future development of the school furniture industry, whether it is public or private, or even high-end international private schools, many partners can face this. Fierce market competition will make businesses with long-term strategic vision better. EVERPRETTY knows that perfecting the service system, improving product quality, and seizing the reputation of customers are the keys to long-term development.