Nowadays, reliable student furniture manufacturers provide student furniture considering both quality and aesthetic appeal. Because, in all fairness, school furniture is more than just a desk and chair – it must create an effective and comfortable learning environment. And achieving this balance is only possible when you join hands with a custom furniture manufacturer and ensure the final products meet all quality standards. 

Not sure what to consider when ordering student desks and chair sets? You’re in the right place because the passage will walk you through the essential aspects of student furniture you cannot miss. Let’s dive deeper and enlist the top features of good-quality custom furniture. 

The Student Furniture Ordering Guide

Here are the factors you should consider in order the quality student furniture. You can go through it piece by piece.

      1. Stability Of The Plank

The quality of lumber and hardware affects the stability and durability of the student furniture. There are various kinds of lumbers for customizing student furniture, which also have environmental protection standards. The standard is an indicator to see the content of released formaldehyde. Facts have shown that 1-inch plank boasts top-notch durability. The flimsy one is those with thin veneer, while the solid planks have no chipping, which comes with a smooth surface. 

Here are a few things you can do to check the stability of a plank in student furniture

      • Look at the wood grain – if it’s running in different directions, that’s a good sign that the plank is stable. 
      • Try to bend the plank slightly – if it does so easily, that’s a bad sign; you want a sturdy plank that won’t break under pressure. 
      • Ask the custom furniture manufacturer to share information about the history of the plank – where it was sourced from, how long it has been in stock, etc. The more you know about the plank, the better informed your purchase will be.

      1. Edge Banding Technique

The student furniture you get must withstand daily use and abuse because fragile things don’t last in classrooms. One aspect of student furniture that should be considered is the edge bending technique to determine the strength of the furniture, as well as its aesthetic appeal. 

Edge bending involves taking a metal strip and heating it until it’s malleable. You then have to wrap this strip around the edge of the furniture piece, forming a strong, protective barrier. This technique is often used on tabletops and desktops, as well as on the edges of shelves and cabinets. 

Furniture that has been edge bent will have a clean, finished look. The metal strip will be barely visible, but it will provide significant protection against chipping, scratching, and other damage. 

      1. Bending Strength

Bending strength is a measure of how well a piece of furniture can hold up under pressure – the higher the bending strength, the more durable the furniture. From dragging heavy textbooks across desks to sitting on chairs for hours, student furniture takes a beating. It will not last very long if it’s not strong enough to withstand that kind of use. 

So how can you tell if student furniture has high bending strength? One way is to look for independent certification labels. Those labels indicate that the furniture has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets stringent standards for durability and safety. 

But even if a piece of student furniture doesn’t have an independent certification label, you can still get an idea of its bending strength by checking the manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers offer some warranty against defects in materials and craft. The longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is in their product’s quality—including its bending strength. 

      1. Storage Capacity 

Students need furniture that can accommodate their belongings between textbooks, clothes, electronics, and other miscellaneous items. Investing in furniture with ample storage space will save students from buying additional storage solutions.

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When you’re ordering student furniture, make sure to check on the quality. Look for pieces that have been independently certified for durability and safety—and make sure they come with a long manufacturer’s warranty. That way, you can be confident that your investment will hold up under pressure. 

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