Wrote by Jocelyn, edited by Jerry


Every time we have launched a new product, I always want to tell you in the very first time. This time I want to introduce to you one of our latest designs: Single Height Adjustable Office Desk and Chair for COVID-quarantine time.

Firstly, we would like to have your attention on the structure of the whole set. It is made of a wooden table top and metal frame, and the cover of the tabletop is melamine. The table top has the feature of being Scratch resistant and waterproof, and it is very easy to clean and very durable for any use.

Secondly, the color and size can be customized according to your demand. We are a factory. So don’t worry about it, OK? You can pick any color you like. We have a color sheet for you to choose from. Also, the table’s height can be adjustable to your need.

Last but not least, the difference between this type and the usual one you see in the shop is we have the quarantine grass screen on the edge of the table. We like to use this design to help all those people who still need to work to help this world run effectually. We like to offer them protection when they are working.

At last, we hope you can stay at home for your health. Let us cross our fingers and pray for a better future. Hopefully, you will stay healthy. And if you are interested in our product, please contact us with email: ceciliazhang@epgz.com, or you can just add me on WeChat or WhatsApp: +86-13560367688. My name is Cecilia. We are EVERPRETTY Furniture which is focus on school furniture for more than 28 years. You can send us your requirements or your design to us, we would love to help you achieve whatever you want.