In the past couple of years, the world has seen some giant strides of staggering events in the disguise of a pandemic that has significantly altered the foundations of almost every business in the field, including the student furniture trade across borders.


It froze the wheel of life at the beginning, driving a wave of exponential demand shock worldwide and anchored some after-effects that have pushed the experts to their wit’s end. All these radical alternations in a short period have kicked up a fuss of inflation in the international financial market.  

Now the uproar of sky-high prices is haunting every enterprise on the corporate radar, especially the student furniture industry, which is under extreme pressure to deal with the perplexing state of affairs in managing the annual financial turnarounds with an effective money-making game plan.

How Does the Global Financial Market Affect Student Furniture?

Let’s figure out the detailed influence of the global market that’s oscillating between the post-pandemic disruptions and the risks of record-making inflation figures, which are eventually agitating the student furniture trade on different and substantial levels:

      • Tighter Demands

The student furniture market seems to have attained the shape of that trading environment, which leaves a pretty small window of the bargain between the best bid and the explicitly offered price by the buyer. And this battlefield of brutal competitiveness only gets initiated as the ultimate result of the plummeting lumber and shipping prices in the furnishing sector.

Thus in such cases, the tighter consumer demands indicate the high active trading volume and the low market liquidity. With limited options at hand, consumer demands witness a sudden priority shift, which puts the suppliers in an extremely tight spot. Especially the businesses that sell custom-made wooden furniture end up making some tough calls during this period of adversity.  

      • Surging Inflation Causes a Tighter Margin

Since most countries’ energy can’t be controlled independently, now the world is forced to follow the pace of the United States and raised interest rates, which has apparently led to the domestic inflationary pressure increase. As a result, the profit point of the cross-border e-commerce industry will witness a drop. For instance, if the same product is sold across borders, it may have 100% gross profit. But under the inflation condition, now its profit value will only hike up to 80%.




In simple words, the rise in inflation means the consumer urge to freely buy what they want will take a nosedive to the ground, and the market will record lesser sales in the season than they normally would. And that’s what happens with the student furniture businesses as well. Inflation will greatly reduce the profit margins in the furniture industry, which will restrict the overall revenue of student furniture enterprises around the globe.

      • Pandemic and Rising Nationalism Disrupted Supply and Delivery Chain

The staggering effects of the malefic pandemic brought untold and far-reaching detrimental effects to the global economy. And the situation got so exacerbated that the dominating forces of the world’s capital surrendered to the circumstances and temporarily adopted a loose monetary policy.

The great upswing in the inflation bar has taken over the world’s wavering financial status by storm. The upshot of the unexpected upraise in the purchase cost of the common raw materials for imported products has created a stir of panic among the suppliers and manufacturing enterprises.

Another important outcome of this devastating inflationary condition indicates the growing tension between different countries to find stabilized means of economic survival at their best. Nevertheless, as the survival instinct for the fittest kicks in, it simultaneously triggers a direct and strongly negative impact on foreign trading policies.  

Promptly, these anticipated turns of events act boldly to break the rhythm of the smooth flow in the supply and delivery system on a large scale. Including the student furniture industry, these local wars between prosperous countries greatly influence the material supply chain management and logistic activities by taking hold of the timely delivery of the scheduled goods.


How EVERPRETTY Responds to the Issue?

Although this is not the first time that the global financial status has experienced a downfall in its profit margins, the suppliers are eager to subdue this demon of inflation that is causing more harm to sales than they would have probably imagined. However, it doesn’t mean that this beast is untamable and will keep the interest rates uplifted at their peak forever.  

Employing smart strategies combined with tactful thinking and a relentless workforce, the genie of inflation can be intelligently sent back to the pavilion where it came from in the first place. And to act out some of the highlighted countermeasures to this chaotic problem, the incredible student furniture specialist that goes by the name of “EVERPRETTY” in the business is ready to take the stage and set an example for the rest. Let’s see how we respond to the issue:

      • Striking Balance between the Supply and Demand of the Resource

EVERPRETTY has deepened its cooperation with reliable lumber manufacturers, which is for preparing for the uncertain situation, ensuring sufficient provision from the beginning of the supply chain.


The constant lockdown adds up the uncertainty of visiting in person. So EVERPRETTY “move” their factory and products online. There might be a slight difference between the real touching and 3D, but after all, the pros outweigh the cons.


After going through the recent events of the international market that imposed the high exchange rate policy on the world in the hopes of redeeming the lost investments spent during the times of the catastrophic epidemic, it is clear that without the help of a well-versed and highly skilled professional that belongs to your niche of the business, including the custom furniture manufacturer, it can get quite daunting to deal with the intimidating influence of the wild inflation.

Fortunately, “EVERPRETTY” is a student furniture brand with all the industry-leading qualities that make us adeptly competent to rise to the occasion as a Phoenix raised from the ashes. Our remarkable capability of storming the weather can be proved by the fact that we have been serving 86+ countries worldwide with an eminent experience of almost three decades in the industry.  

On top of that, these ever-evolving market trends and complex situations have never stopped us from accommodating our customers with exquisitely customized student furniture models from designs to complete installation. Are you wondering if you can get our extraordinary student furniture models at your place? Visit us today to discuss your project specifications with our design team, and sit back to watch the magic as we turn your imagination into a stunning reality!