Wrote by Jerry, edited by Henry

Low prices and low prices seem to have always been effective means to attract mass consumption. This means that consumers will not have a deep understanding of products, and purchasing school desks and chairs in primary and secondary schools is no exception. Although the appearance of each manufacturer’s products looks the same, there are differences in quality and service. Although it is cost-effective in terms of price, it is not cost-effective in terms of long-term use.

Even if the student desk and chair manufacturers keep their prices low, they still have to ensure their profits. All profits can only be saved from the aspects of product materials, craftsmanship, and services. Round pipes are uniformly selected for the table and chair shelves, which are insufficient in thickness and small in diameter, limiting the load-bearing capacity of the entire shelf. But this can save a lot of material costs and labor costs. The factory’s support services are not perfect, which also saves labor costs.

What kind of price/performance ratio is the real “competitive price”? The real “competitive price” is to start with product quality and factory services.

Second, service. In terms of service, look at the factory’s pre-sale and after-sales service mechanisms. As the number of manufacturers of learning desks and chairs in primary and secondary schools increases, so does competition. To reduce personnel costs, some manufacturers often lack services. EVERPRETTY Furniture has a complete service system and has professionals to provide docking services from pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. Perfect service greatly reduces the trouble and time of customers’ procurement and after-sales.

Purchasing school desks and chairs in primary and secondary schools should not only be based on low prices but should be compared with long-term use. Only through all aspects of consideration can we see whether the purchased products are competitive or not. If you are interested in our products, you can go to our website for more info. Here is our website, you can click the EVERPRETTY FURNITURE to view our webiste. if you already have your layout or your design. You can just send it to us. We have a professional design team to help achieve whatever you want. Here is our email address: ceciliazhang@epgz.com