Wrote by Cindy, edited by Jerry

Children are the future of a country and nation. Cultivating them to develop good reading habits plays a vital role in their future growth. Some libraries focus on children, attracting children to the library and receiving the influence of knowledge.

” The most important thing in a library is to make children feel interested and willing to come.” This is the consensus of many library staff. For this reason, some libraries start from aspects such as internal facilities, environment, daily activities, etc., to attract children’s attention and lead them to the library to “read with pleasure.”

The improvement of the internal environment provides children with a spiritual home for comfortable reading. The walls of some libraries are painted in children’s favorite colors, and some cartoon patterns are even painted on them; comfortable cushions are laid in the library, and children can either sit on small stools or read books on the floor. The overall arrangement of library furniture pursues comfort and beauty so that children have a comfortable learning environment. EVERPRETTY can help you find the most suitable matching plan.

The arrangement of books is also particular, and they should be arranged in a style acceptable to children. Some libraries solicited the opinions of child readers for this. According to feedback, the books in the library no longer have the spine facing outwards, but all have the cover facing outwards, which is conducive for children to “see at a glance.” In addition, some libraries have also listed “new books”, “recommended good books” and “good books fast reading” so that children can choose to read. The design of the bookshelf needs to be based on the versatility of storing books so that children can make better use.

The change of service mode has brought a revolution to the management of the library. The library has issued regulations: the library is open to babies, and young readers who have just turned one year old can also be held by their parents to listen to the story. Parents of young readers can use the library for free Attend 5 classes, lectured by scholars, nutritionists, and psychologists.

In the current Internet age, how can children make full use of the library as an educational platform and cultural communication platform? The practice of the library is advancing with the times. EVERPRETTY Furniture can create a library that keeps pace with the times for you so that the pillars of the country can let their dreams fly here.