“The type of furniture you select and how you arrange it in a dormitory shapes the campus life of students as it impacts how they spend their time during the day and how they sleep at night.”

Figure 1.


Every dorm has a wardrobe, bed, student desk, and chair. Research has shown that living in a cramped dorm room with little to no open space negatively affects the student’s mental health. Another study also tells us that there has been a spike in bunk bed-related injuries among students due to the lack of railings on bunk beds.


At EVERPRETTY, we have designed different loft beds with wardrobes and student desks to provide more space, privacy, and safety for students. Here, we mention four things you should consider before selecting the right loft bed with a wardrobe for students.


  1. Age and Maturity


Students under the age of six are not ready to have a loft bed yet as they don’t understand the dangers of falling off the bed. They also tend to jump around and are more vulnerable to bed-related injuries.

Figure 2.


  1. Ceiling Height


There should be about 33 to 36 inches of space between the ceiling and the top of the loft bed’s mattress, so students don’t hit their heads against the ceiling when they’re sitting up. If you’re looking for loft beds with wardrobes for a building with low ceilings, consider getting a lower loft bed customized according to the height of the walls.


  1. Room Size


Before selecting the right loft bed with wardrobe, consider the size of the room in terms of its length, width, and height. Ensure that the size you pick leaves enough open space for students to move around easily.


  1. Use Needs


Students require space to keep their clothes, shelf their books, and study while sitting on a desk and chair. At EVERPRETTY, we have designed loft beds with wardrobes to cater to the comfort, privacy, and convenience of students living in school dorm rooms.


Best Prices Loft Beds with Wardrobes for Student Dormitory


With so many variants available, we have picked out some design ideas for loft beds with wardrobes at the best prices for you.


  1. EVERPRETTY Loft Beds with Stairs EB-C05-1

Figure 3.


EVERPRETTY EB-C05-1 loft bed has been designed to accommodate three students in a compact space with desks for studying and shelves for keeping their books. This design features three bed slats, two of them are towards the right in the form of bunk beds with storage space underneath, and the third one rests on top of the study desk area towards the left.


With this design, we have added stairs instead of the ladder to create a safe environment for students – where they can easily climb up to their beds without the fear of falling.


  1. EVERPRETTY Metal Loft Bed with Wardrobe EB-A 39-1

Figure 4.


EVERPRETTY EB-A 39-1 variation of the EB-C05-1 design features a loft bed with a wardrobe for three students. Here, we have created three chambers with two stairs that run between them. The bed slat lies on top of each chamber, with the wardrobe and desk area underneath.


  1. EVERPRETTY Loft Bed with Ladder EB-A10-1


We have designed a loft bed with a wardrobe and desk for students to organize their clothes, books, and laptops/computers. The bed slat lies on top of the wardrobe and desk compartment and is secured with railings to prevent falling. For climbing up to the bed, we have particularly placed the ladder towards the right, so it doesn’t block the study area.

Figure 5.




Cramped student dormitories are detrimental and depressing for students. Spacious dorm rooms with smartly designed, compact loft beds with wardrobes have been proven to increase student satisfaction and cultivate healthy study habits.


At EVERPRETTY, we understand all the elements that play into furnishing dorm rooms professionally with high-quality, student-friendly furniture, such as loft beds with wardrobes, bunk beds with drawers, single dorm beds, and loft beds with desks, and military beds.


Over the last 28 years, we have worked to help our customers enhance the school life experience of students by furnishing their school classrooms, libraries, lavatories, canteens, dormitories, nurseries, and more.


To find out more about our EVERPRETTY furniture, visit: https://www.epgz.com/