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EVERPRETTY School Prefabricated House

Item No. :  PC-007



Structure: Disassembly and assembly structure

Application place: Professional Classroom 


A prefabricated classroom can be described as a pre-built structure that is designed to serve as a functional learning environment. These classrooms are constructed using modular construction techniques, where the room is divided into smaller sections that are assembled off-site in a factory or workshop. Once completed, the sections are transported to the building site for installation and assembly. Prefabricated classrooms are made from a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and wood. They are also available in a range of sizes and designs, depending on the specific needs of the educational institution. Some prefabricated classrooms are designed to be temporary structures that can be easily moved to another location, while others are intended to be permanent fixtures. Prefabricated classrooms offer numerous benefits over traditional construction, including reduced construction time and cost, improved quality control, and greater flexibility in design. They are also environmentally friendly, as they require fewer materials and generate less waste than traditional construction methods. These classrooms can be customized to meet specific requirements and can be designed to include features such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as a multimedia equipment.

  • Prefab homes offer several benefits:
  1. Lower costs – They are more economical since construction can be standardized and materials are bought in bulk. Assembly line techniques also reduce labor costs.
  2. Faster construction – Since parts are pre-built in the factory, on-site construction time is reduced significantly. The modules only need to be assembled on-site.
  3. Higher quality – Factory built modules allow for tighter quality control and construction takes place in a controlled environment. This results in better precision and quality.
  4. Less waste – Materials are efficiently used in the factory setting with little leftover waste. This contributes to the lower costs.
  5. Flexibility – A variety of house styles, sizes, and features can be manufactured as prefabs. Custom designs can also be made to suit individual needs.
  6. Eco-friendly – Less construction waste, more efficient use of materials and tighter building envelopes make prefab homes more sustainable. Recycled and green materials can also be easily incorporated.
  7. Less maintenance – The controlled factory construction results in good insulation and durable, low-maintenance components that also reduce future repair and renovation costs.
  8. Temporary or permanent – Prefab homes can be designed as either moveable temporary housing or permanent homes.
  • Common types of prefab homes include modular homes, panelized homes, mobile homes, and tiny houses.
 roof formpitched roof, organized drainage
Stories≤3 levels
Design ParametersStructural Design Service LifeTime20 years
roof live load0.5KN/㎡
wind load0.6KN/㎡
Seismic Fortification Intensity8 degrees
structureprismSpecifications: 100*100mm, galvanized cold-rolled section steel, t=2.5mm, material Q235B, electrostatically sprayed white.
roof girderSpecifications: 100*150mm, galvanized cold-rolled section steel, t=2.5mm, material Q235B, electrostatically sprayed white.
Roof secondary beamSpecifications: C80*40*12, cold-formed thin-walled C-shaped steel, t=1.7mm, material Q235B, electrostatically sprayed white.
Floor troughSpecifications: C75*25*25 pieces, cold-formed thin-walled C-shaped steel, t=1.0mm, material Q235B
surface treatmentElectrostatic spraying plastic powder baking varnish, powder thickness ≥ 80μm
RoofingEPS roofing foam sheetsThe 100mm thick corrugated board is 0.376mm thick on the outside and 0.326mm on the inside. The color is white-gray inside and blue exterior.
Wallthickness75mm thick rock wool/polyurethane/polystyrene sandwich panel; the outside is made of 0.426 color steel plate, the color is white gray; the inner plate is made of 0.426mm color steel plate, the color is white gray
Thermal insulationVolume Weight≥10kg/m³
DoorSpecifications (mm)Width X height = 840 * 2030
materialspecial steel doors
windowSpecifications (mm) Front window: width X height = 1740*925; rear window: width X height = 1740*925;
frame materialPlastic(PVC), 60 series, burglar bars, screen
Glass6mm toughened glass
 blinds200*200, plastic(PVC)
electric wireMain power cable o the house is 6.0 square meters, the air conditioning cable is 4.0 square meters, the socket cable is 2.5 square meters, the lighting switch cable is 1.5 square meters
breakerHigh-breaking miniature circuit breaker
illumination2 sets of double-tube LED fluorescent lamps, 36W, 125mm wide * 1230mm long
socket4 X 5-hole sockets 10A, 1 X 3-hole A/C socket 16A, 1 single switch 10A, GB (Enshan)
Standardized construction and use of equipment and accessories that meet international standards.

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